Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bits Of Ike Video

Hurricane Ike Photos

A memorial to the Great Storm of 1900, the costliest natural disaster in U.S. History, is pounded by Ike's surf more than 12 hours before the eye came ashore. (from

I can't find what I need to get the little video I have uploaded, and I still don't have power at the house. So I thought I'd just put up some pictures, some of which were taken by friends, and some of which were the best from This story is now below the fold on your newspapers, if not completely off the front page. But, as the pictures show, this story is not over, whether or not the ADD media outlets have found some shiny new sound bite to play with.

Hurricane evacuation, Texas style (from

surfside house
Surfside Beach, well before the storm arrived. Storm surge is already inundating land. Note: we twice rented the blue house in the middle on the shore. (From

Scenic Galveston (From

Before and after: a section of the Bolivar Peninsula where we have also rented beach property. (From

Night time in the destruction zone. (From

600xPopupGalleryThe state of nature. (From

The central business district and flooded Buffalo Bayou. (From

My office building, the Chase Tower, which suffered the worst damage in the CBD. Nearly every window below the 30th floor in the east side of the building was shattered and documents and equipment littered the streets. (My office is the opposite side and higher, fortunately) (From

chase again
Chase Tower, the day after.

Chase Tower, 5 days later, open for business but boarded up.

At least 75 miles from the ocean, an old oak in the park topples, roots and all.

Same park, roots hold, but the trunk could not bear the strain.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

All Clear

No apparent damage at my place, and all safe. But not enough power or bandwidth to do a proper post. More later when lights and internet are operational.

Friday, September 12, 2008

2230 Spetember 12

Wind is kicking up some more, but still not a drop of rain, and nothing worth putting on video--thank goodness.

I'm probably going to turn in here in a bit. We've still got power. Wonder if that will last until morning?

2038 September 12

Well, it's getting real. The lights flickered on and off, the wind is loud enough I can hear it inside the house, and I can't seem to get videos to upload to Youtube. I gathered up Alyssa, the recalcitrant feline, and folded her into her cat carrier. She's now in the safe room with the dogs, who are in their kennel. Gumbo, the genius wonder dog, figured out Alyssa was there and commenced to whining and all manner of canine speech to let me know that she would like to eat her. I declined.

The rain has reached South Beltway 8 which is about 40 miles south. I may yet have several hours before the brunt of the storm is here. Meanwhile, I'll just watch a movie, have a drink, and enjoy the show.

1930 September 12, 2008

It's kicking up a little, but you can tell we're still a long way behind the wind and rain at Galveston.

1444 September 12


Hurricane supplies are ready.